'cause vegetarians can be lazy, too

Who ever said you have to be overly enthusiastic with colorful cupcakes and long ass recipes that complicate life in order to be a healthy vegetarian/vegan? F*ck that, after a while you just wanna give up because it's all so damn tedious. Nobody has time for that sh*t, so if you wanna spend about 7 minutes max on your food because you have a life, join me and i'll share my awesome lazy ass recipes i came up with during some of my busiest days!

quick stir fry veggies

you can find frozen stir fry veggies everywhere. they are quick, easy and cheap… so go to the store and get some…

dump as much as you want in a bowl and microwave it for roughly 5 minutes.

add on random things… i personally love to add the following…

annnnddd voila

you have super fancy awesome sexy stir fry in a few minutes! 

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